Tessica Brown’s Hair Journey and Her $20,000 Donation


Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Tessica Brown also known as “Gorilla Glue Girl” has become an overnight sensation on TikTok. Brown, 40, uploaded a video to TikTok talking about how she ran out of her normal hair adhesive by Got2b Glued, and used a Gorilla Glue Co. adhesive spray instead. In the video Brown addressed that her hair had been in the same style for about a month since using the glue and it was not by choice. She explained that it was a bad idea to use the Gorilla Glue spray, and she demonstrated that her hair was stuck in place. Brown explained that she had washed her hair 15 times and her hair remained unwilling to budge. She ends the video by recommending people to not use Gorilla Glue as a replacement for the Got2b Glued spray on your hair. To view the video you can search her username @im_d_ollady on TikTok or watch it on her YouTube channel by clicking here.

The TikTok video of Brown’s mistake currently has 36.2 million views. Her mistake rocketed to popularity with many people criticizing, creating memes, and joking about the situation. Although, along with the criticism, Brown also received help from other TikTok users that advised her on how to handle the situation. Brown had tried many things and failed to get the adhesive released from her hair, which resulted in a visit to a plastic surgeon. Dr. Michael Obeng was able to successfully remove the adhesive from Brown’s hair, and he offered the procedure to Brown free of charge. The procedure Dr. Obeng performed on Brown would have cost her an estimated $12,500. Brown had previously launched a GoFundMe and it has raised over $23,000 in public donations. Brown wants to pay back her doctors generosity, so she plans to donate $20,000 to his Restore Foundation. Dr. Obeng’s Restore Foundation is a non-profit, with the mission to provide reconstructive surgery for people in developing countries.

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