Trump Impeachment


Eli Kayser, Editor

Very shortly before he left office, Donald Trump was impeached for the second time during his tenure as president. He is now on trial to see whether or not he would under normal circumstances have been removed from office. Since he is no longer president, Trump obviously cannot be removed from office. If he is found guilty, however, he will be stripped of other things including secret service detail for the remainder of his life. Trump was impeached for essentially inciting the violence that occurred during the capitol riots last month.

If found guilty, he will become the first president to ever have been removed from office. There have been a few others, including Trump previously, who were impeached but never actually removed. The Democratic party is bringing their closing arguments today to hopefully sway the opinions of those listening. Due to the capitol riots, five were killed, including one police officer. Many have been arrested due to their involvements in the rioting, and hopefully nothing like that will happen again.