Do’s and Don’t’s of being a Customer


Ella Oliva, Writer

Throughout the years I have worked multiple customer service jobs, as I’m sure many other kids have as well, and these are some tips that will help your overall shopping experience. First, if you are walking into a store and a worker greets you, it will take you 2 seconds to respond or just acknowledge them. This may seem silly but from a workers perspective, if you are coming in for a specific item this will be the best time to tell us as we ask if you’re shopping for anything special today, because we often move things around in the store or have additional sizes in the back room. Moving on, if you have a question and the only available person you see is the cashier that is currently checking out people, please do not yell at them from across the store multiple times that you have a question, I promise you we will come over as soon as we are done checking the current customer out.

One of my personal least favorites is the events that take place at the cash register. This might not be the case for some stores but a lot of companies require you to ask customers for information to get them signed up for a loyalty system. The workers are going to understand more than anyone that you may not want to sign up, however, we are required to ask and often get in trouble if we don’t meet a quota for the amount of people we’ve signed up per week. This does not mean you have to sign up, no one wants their email flooded with coupons for a store they barely go to, I would just suggest politely declining the offer instead of saying things such as “No just tell me how much it is” or “Stop asking me questions”. Lastly, I personally find it rude if customers are facetiming or playing music off their phones while I am checking them out, it honestly just makes the whole interaction way more awkward than it needs to be.

On a different note, there are some great things you can do as customers! An easy one is simply responding to us as we greet you and check up on you throughout the store, it’s such a simple act that many people don’t do, so we appreciate the people who do. Another small act, making conversation during checkout, it’s a two way street and you’re only gonna be on it for a couple minutes at most. We also appreciate when we see customers who may be too nervous to ask us for help refold shirts or looking through a stack without throwing shirts on the ground, we will most likely refold the shirts and have no issue doing this, however when we notice you aren’t throwing stacks of shirts on the ground like others may, we appreciate it and 9 times out of 10 will approach you to ask if you need help. I love my job and meet so many great people daily, these are just some tips that would personally help both the customer and workers experience.