Jacob’s Last Hike

Jacob's Last Hike

Abby Schuler , Writer

“Mom, I’m going to be late if I can’t find my shoe.” They said we were leaving at 8. It’s 8:02. I ran into my room and looked in my closet one more time to see them hiding under some dirty clothes. I finished gathering my stuff and rushed to my car and hurried to the hiking trail. I hollered Ella’s name, knowing she would wait for me. Once I got my shoes changed and everything settled we headed towards the trail. The group was a little bigger this time, being Ella, Serena, Jenessa, Ben, Tyler, TJ, and I.

We got about 2 quarters of the way when I realized I had left my sunscreen back  at the last bench. I didn’t think it was too far so I told Ella and ran to go grab it, I went back and didn’t see it so I looked a little around that area but came up with nothing. I started running back to the group and next thing my head gets hit and everything goes black. When I woke up I was laying on a really uncomfortable metal frame bed with two layers of sheets for the mattress. 

I slowly sat up to see a toilet and a sink next to my bed and an old desk that looks like it’s falling apart. I walked over to the metal bars and pushed them, they weren’t locked. I started searching around for something to help me and I quickly found another person. I asked who she was and she said her name was Julia and she has been trying to find a way out too. They started searching together, they went to different areas looking but after a little bit of time together Jacob realized that the person who knocked him out and put him here was Julia. 

I didn’t want to let her know I found out so I kept acting all calm, I kept looking at her face and noticed I had seen it before on flyers and TV, she was the serial killer who escaped from the local prison about a week ago. I told her I was  going back to check the cell for any clues. I ran back hoping my backpack was there, it was I rushed to try and get in there but when I turned around there Julia was charging at me.