Adrian Sowers, Writer

Last weekend there was a deadly glacier collapse in northern India. According to CNN the part of the glacier that fell was apart of the Himalayas. The event happened in the Indian town of Uttarakhands. To make matters worse according to locals the glacier fell into the river below. The collapse triggered a tsunami which also came with dust and rocks. The tsunami rushed down the river and crashed straight through a dam at the end of the river. After crashing through the dam the tsunami proceeded to to a smaller dam a hydroelectric project was apart of. The glacier also crushed buildings and people. According to local officials there are 171 people missing and 26 people dead. The flash floods have also blocked 13 area villages and affected over 2500 people. There are believed to be several people still in the tunnels which were apart of the hydroelectric project. Currently there are large scale operations underway to rescue the workers from the tunnels. 12 people were pulled from the tunnels on Sunday. Officials think that there are possibly 29- 30 people still trapped.  Scientists said that global warming is to blame for the natural disaster. According to the scientific community this is a very valuable message that we should all heed to and we won’t change anything without serious action to decrease greenhouse gasses. According to indian officials there is substantial damages amount in several million dollars in damages done to the project and surrounding areas.