70 year old, murdered 2 on dunk hunt

Gracie McHenry

 On a Monday morning, in rural Tennessee, a 70 year old man, David Vowell, allegedly murdered 2 men, Zachery Groom, 25, and Chance Black, 26. The altercation happened at a duck hunt in Reelfoot Lake.

Vowell docked his boat on the same dock every day. The dock was at Blue Basin Cove Lodge. The owner Jerry Jones Jr. said that he could hardly believe that Vowell could have done such a thing because he’s known him for over 40 years.

The witness to the crime, Jeffery Crabtree, told the police that Vowell approached their boat then started arguing. Vowell then fired shots at them, Crabtree grabbed the gun then took his friends to get medical support.

On Saturday afternoon Officials found Vowells body not far from the other two men. The body was positively identified. An autopsy will be conducted, but results have not been released yet.

They do know however that he ran away on foot because his boat and car were found and seized. A search was conducted at the state park. The area is around 15,000 acres of land and is filled with huge trees and mushy swamp like areas.

Vowell was wanted on two counts of first degree murder. He was considered armed and dangerous.