Izzy’s Night Out

Izzy's Night Out

Abby Schuler, Writer

 Izzy was just getting to her apartment to get ready for her date with Kaleb. When a big fluster of papers fell off the desk and went everywhere. She hurried and picked them up to get back to getting ready. A few minutes passed and her balcony door opened , she went to shut it , when she turned around a girl was just sitting on her couch. “Who are you and what are you doing in my house¨ I asked. She told me her name was Leilani and she was sent here to watch over me. I don’t know who you are and I really don’t care , get out of my house because I am getting ready for a date . 

She told me that the guy I was going on a date with was Kaleb Russo and he was sent here as well to find you. If you just come with me Izzy  can explain everything and keep you safe. I went into my bathroom to take a second, I decided to run into my room and change from a dress and heels to jeans, leather jacket and combat boots. I threw my just curled hair into a ponytail and rushed to pack whatever Leilani was telling me to pack. It just turned 5:43 pm and he is supposed to arrive at 5 :50pm. We exited and took the stairs so he couldn’t see us. We took her car so he didnt recognize it and when she started driving she was telling me how there is a good and bad side of people where she lives back home. 

She chose the family path but Kaleb chose differently, and it was at that moment when I realized that Kaleb was her brother. We arrived and were pulling into a warehouse. She rushed into the building where I followed. I asked her since I went with her why was she rushing? She then explained since Kaleb is her brother he knows all the locations in the area where we do our work secretly. He also still has some access to family things even though he didn’t follow the same side.