The Bachelor Week 5 Review


Kasey Filler, Writer

I haven’t done a Bachelor update yet this season and it’s already week 5. I’m just going to jump into talking about this week’s episode because I’m assuming if you’re reading this you’ve been watching the Bachelor.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

The beginning of the episode starts with a cocktail party where Matt is determined to find out who the real bullies are in the house. Let me just say I love Katie because she’s honest and she’s not afraid of the other girls. She tells Matt everything he needs to know about what the other girls are saying when he’s not around and she doesn’t care if the girls get mad at her for calling them out. When Matt pulled Anna to the side to discuss what she had said about Brittney Anna admitted to saying it and admitted to the fact that it was wrong of her. I don’t think that she was being sincere in this moment she just didn’t want to be sent home by Matt. I think Matt made the good decision of sending Anna home. After that he went to talk to Victoria about being mean to the other girls and I hate that she acts so oblivious to the fact that she is mean. I definitely think that she is being mean on purpose and she’s just insecure about herself. The fact that she uses it as an excuse that “that’s just her personality” doesn’t make it any better. In my opinion she should’ve been sent home night 1.

Rachel’s One-on-One

Rachel is my favorite. She has been my favorite since night one. Her on-on-one date was amazing. Matt’s reaction to her walking out in all the different dresses was so cute. When he gave her the Christian Louboutin heels I was shocked. Rachel and Matt are perfect for eachother and I don’t know what else to say. The fact that he picked out a dress that he wanted her to wear for their dinner date, that was so cute. She is the first person he has told he’s falling in love with her and that’s HUGE.

Group Date on the Farm

The group date was little much for me. I thought that all the girls were being really dramatic because they were all so mad about not getting the on-on-one. I get that everyone wants it and wants that time with Matt, but a group date is better than nothing. With all of them being upset and being in bad moods it kind of ruined the day part of the date. If Matt even looked at one girl more than another all of them would just start crying and acting mad it seemed like. Once it got to the night part and everyone got their turn to speak with Matt things got a bit better. I’m happy that Matt and Abigail got to talk. Abigail is another one of my favorites. She’s so honest and she just keeps to herself and worries about her own relationship with Matt. I think Jasenia was right in calling out MJ because Matt sent home Anna and Victoria because of their actions when MJ is just as big of a problem as them.

Kit’s One-on-One

In the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of Kit to be honest. Being a fashion designer’s daughter and coming into the show already pretty famous I thought she’d act like she’s better than everyone else. Now watching her and kind of seeing who she really is the past couple weeks I’ve started to like her. Her and Matt’s date went really well for her and I’m starting to like her more now.

Before the Next Cocktail Party

All I’m going to say about this is MJ needs to go home. I hope she doesn’t manipulate Matt into thinking Jasenia is lying about the things she’s done. We’ll have wait to find out what happens till next week…

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