What to get for Valentines Day


Ella Oliva

The day of cheesy dates and chocolates in sneaking up on us this year. You may think this is a ridiculous holiday or you may look forward to an excuse to indulge in some extra sweets, either way I will be providing you with some ideas to gift a friend, significant other, or to treat yourself to.

Starting off strong with the key to most of our hearts… food! The obvious choice would be chocolates, however, add a little spice to it this year. Chick-fil-A is offering 30 piece nuggets in heart-shaped containers, or you can grab a heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Hut, and top it off with a red velvet cupid cake from Dairy Queen, which you guessed it, is heart-shaped. Afterwards maybe take a walk or two and pretend that you burned off all of those calories you just consumed.

Moving on to healthier ways to celebrate, gifts! These ideas can vary on the person and their interest however I’ve come up with a pretty diverse list of ideas. First potential gift is for my sentimental couples or friends, you can either make them a scrapbook or you can run to hobby lobby and grab a paper mache letter of their first name initial and cover it with printed out pictures of you and whoever you’re gifting it to!

Next is for my music lovers, you can make them a personalized playlist on any music platform, it doesn’t have to be romantic necessarily but just something you can enjoy with them. If you want to take it a step further you can search on Etsy for iron on QR codes where you can put your spotify playlist QR code on a patch that they can iron on a sweatshirt or backpack! I think this is a super cute idea for friends or significant others.

Lastly, you can simply just spend some quality time together, these moments can mean more than any gift you give them. If the weather is bad you can do a movie night and build a cute fort together, or you can make a dinner together and eat them on fancy plates. If the weather is nice, you and whoever can either drive around jamming to music, go to a new place together, or go on a walk down by the river together. The options are endless, this day is all about sharing it with the people you love and I hope I gave you some new ideas for this year!