Mystery Boat


Adrian Sowers, Writer

This story comes from a tiny remote island between the Philippines and the Hawaiian islands called Ailuk. Ailuk is apart of the Marshall islands, which is a cluster of coral and volcanic atolls. This island only has a population of 400 people. A local by the name of Kosby Alfred on the southern part of the island spotted a boat just off shore and proceeded to retrieve the boat to shore. This task proved to be difficult as the boat weighed 1,430 pounds. It took him and other locals to pull the boat to shore. According to Kosby Alfred, curiosity got the better of the group and they wanted to what in the world made the boat so heavy. What the group found was astonishing.

Inside a hidden compartment was 1,430 pounds of pure Cocaine. The group quickly contacted local authorities who then transported the boat to the northern part of the island were further investigation took place. The Cocaine in the boat had an estimated street value of about $80 Million. There were and are some mysteries surrounding the origins of the drugs and the boat itself. Authorities say that the boat could have been at sea for years or even a decade! According to CNN the individually wrapped Cocaine “bricks” were encased in yellow plastic with the letters “KW”. Although the logo on the “bricks” seem to have the same logo as the Kenworth Truck company, authorities say there is no correlation. All the “bricks” recovered were incinerated except for 2 which went to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The boat on the other hand is a mystery in its own. The boat is teal color with a backward Nike swoosh and three stars. Authorities have ruled out Nike as a Culprit to the shipment but is not ruling out China as a possible origin of the Cocaine.