The Art Exhibit with Mrs. Berkeley

The Art Exhibit with Mrs. Berkeley

Abby Schuler, Writer

It was an ordinary day in Bismarck, North Dakota where Sarah, Dylan, Elena and Chase were all in the same group for the field trip to Heritage center and state museum to check out the new art exhibit. We got off the bus and went to form our groups while we were still waiting for our chaperone, Mrs. Berkeley. A couple minutes had passed and then a  different chaperone came to us saying that Mrs. Berkeley had to leave and he was taking over. 

We all followed as she took us to see the different exhibits while we were waiting for our turn to go see the artwork. We ended up finding scavenger hunt lists to complete for a surprise at the end. We all grabbed a list and started searching for clues through all the exhibits. In the inspiration gallery the jukebox was an item of the list, I quickly grabbed it and looked for the next exhibit, which was the Innovation  gallery where there was a pair of woven shoes. I went through all the exhibits and got to the last one where it was the sea exhibit where my group was at and the two huge boxes over in the corner more so. 

I asked them what all they got, they showed me some stuff and I quickly realized that we had gotten a different list for each exhibit.  We all were very curious where our chaperone had gone, about five minutes had passed then a group of guys came in the exhibit and then the chaperone was walking clapping saying good job for getting all the priceless artifacts for him without him lifting a finger. I tapped on Elena and asked if that crate over there looked like there was a person in there, and she agreed and said it kinda looks like Mrs. Berkeley. I looked longer and realized it was Mrs. Berkeley.

We all put together that he had killed our chaperone, made the lists and planted them for us to do all the dirty work while he sat back and watched it all happen. I asked him why he was telling us all of this; he replied with “I am telling you because…