Why Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Actually a Good Movie (Pt. III)


Madison Hanson, Writer

Ah yes the 3rd and final installment of this little series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. This movie is fully about the relationship between Greg and his dad, as well as Greg’s relationship with Holly. It starts off with the whole family going to the public pool on its opening day. On this day, the pool is crowded and barely has any elbow room, mainly because on opening day they have free admission.

Now this one’s a little weird, this is the first movie that really focuses on Greg’s relationship with 2 different people (unless you wanna argue that Rodrick Rules is also about his relationship with his mom) but overall this movie is mainly an exception. The camera work and narration is also slightly different in this movie as all of it is maturing with the actors and the characters. Anyway, Greg ends up hating the public pool because he sees his little brother and a ton of other kids peeing in the pool.

After leaving the pool and spending some time at home, Greg’s parents are upset with because since the start of the summer all he’d been doing was playing video games. Later in week Greg gets a call from Rowley asking him to join his family at the private pool and country club. Greg’s initially hesitant about going to the country club until he’s offered smoothies and the opportunity drive a golf cart, but lastly, he sees Holly Hills.

Holly Hills, Greg’s longtime crush and Heather Hills little sister. Heather Hills, a terrible sister and the most stereotypically annoying teen girl is also Rodrick’s dream girl. Greg tries relentlessly to impress Holly and get closer to her, just as Rodrick does with Heather. Of course Greg finds numerous ways to embarrass himself whether it be by lying to Holly about being able to play tennis, or jumping off the diving board at the pool and accidentally pantsing himself.

Issues also arise between Greg and Rowley again because Rowley’s family is weirdly close and Greg doesn’t understand it. Greg accidentally emails everyone including his parents them to come get him because Rowley’s parents are “driving him crazy.” After this Rowley lies to him about not going to the country club, so Greg sneaks into the country club.

I should also mention that during the whole summer that Greg is going to the country club, he convinces his dad that he has a job there and not that he’s just going with Rowley as a guest. After sneaking into the country club to spend time with Holly, Rowley’s dad finds out that Greg’s been pretending to be his son and has been racking up charges on his membership because he orders so many smoothies. In this moment everything falls apart for Greg as his dad tries to back Greg saying that he works at the country club when the staff tells him that they don’t hire minors.

Suddenly Greg has lost his dad’s trust and friendship again, even if it’s just for a second. Although, after Greg’s dad makes him join the Boy Scouts and they spend a week or so camping together, Greg realizes that all he needs to do in order for his dad to trust him again is to admit what he’s done wrong.

After this Greg and his dad are friends again, but now it’s time for Heather Hill’s sweet 16. Heather was unable to find a band for her party but Greg convinced her to hire Rodrick’s band, Loded Diper. Heather does hire them but ultimately regrets her decision because Rodrick shows up the gig and plays a horrendous version of Baby by Justin Bieber.

At the end of the movie Rodrick may not get the girl but for the first time ever Greg does. This in my opinion is the ultimate end to a kids movie trilogy. Everything works out for after what feels like 3 years of torture, but I’m sure this is how everyone feels about middle school. At the end of this particular movie, Greg has matured, he is slowly learning and taking accountability for more and more of his mistakes and his actions, and that is what makes this a good movie.