New Mask


Kallie Roberson, Writer

A new mask that could end that pandemic? Its called the N95, it is considered a “gold standard” in the personal protective equipment. this mask blocks 95% of large and small particles bu using an electrostatic filter. The filter that is in the mask traps all the particles such as bacteria and viruses, so they can’t pass through. A N95 mask cost about $5. The mask fit securely around your face, making sure that there is no loose fitting as there would be with a paper mask or a cloth mask. How is this mask different? It is different because it fits securely and has a filter that doesn’t allow anything to go through. This mask 90% more effective rather than other mask that are 26% effective. In about 4 week if everybody listened and wore their mask consistently when going about, this whole thing could be over. The quality that this  face mask provides  is crucial.