Explosion in southwest Michigan, injures 1

Gracie McHenry

On Sunday, January 24, 2020 in Kalamazoo, Michigan a series of propane tanks were near an open fire causing an explosion. The explosion happened in Southern Michigan at a homeless camp holding dozens of tents. The explosion was caused because they were filing a 1 pound tank from a 20 pound tank. There was a nearby open fire, and due to the heat the propane tanks exploded. The Kalamazoo Fire Department responded swiftly and managed to contain the fire in under 10 minutes. In all the chaos luckley only one person was injured. Scott Brooks the Kalamazoo Fire Marshall gave a statement saying “The fire was caused because occupants of the homeless encampment were actively filling 1-pound propane tanks from a larger 20-pound tank near an open flame, and there was a failure with the improvised adaptor on one of the propane tanks causing an explosion. Due to the intense heat from the fire, 15 other 1-pound propane tanks exploded”