Kroger Thief


Adrian Sowers, Writer

Tre Brown, a 19 year old Gwinnett County, Georgia teen, was arrested last week on charges of felony theft. “What did the poor kid do? ” you may ask. Well he stole almost $1 Million from Kroger grocery store. If you aren’t aware of what a Kroger is then its a grocery store similar to Walmart. Kroger’s said that the teen, who worked at a Kroger fuel station, had only been hired for two weeks before he figured out how to scam the system. So how exactly did he do it? What did he do with his new found wealth? How he did it is he waited for the Supervisor who was in charge of fraudulent returns to go on vacation. After this he had a field day. He figured out that when he returned items that he could in fact change the prices on those items and put the money then on a series of credit and debit cards. His “returned” item of choice was lottery tickets changing the price of each one. Authorities say that he did this a whole whopping 93 times in two weeks! If you take the amount he stole ($980,000) and divide it by 14–that’s $70,000 a day! Thats a good pay day on top of what he was getting paid hourly. So what did he do with his new found riches? He went to town and bought 2 cars one being a Chevy Camaro, multiple guns, and a whole swig of shoes which honestly I would do to but I not a crook like this dude, so I won’t. “But how did he get caught?” you may ask.  According to Gwinnett County authorities someone from Krogers corporate found these false returns and saw they were going back on the same 3 cards. They then looked at the timestamps and saw that not only was Tre working but he was also the one who did the transactions. Tre was then arrested 2 days later. According to Insider Corporate America spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on fraud detection software so if you are or are planning on ripping off a company like this, think again.