James Bond, the Original Spy Rip-Off

James Bond, the Original Spy Rip-Off

Kian Pfannenstiel, Editor

It has recently come to my attention that James Bond, the original spy, wasn’t actually that original. Aside from his famed movie appearances being based on a series of novels by Ian Flemming, the character himself was based on a man named Dusko Popov, a Serbian who was going to be a spy for Germany in WWII, but then went to the British MI6 immediately and started spying on German for them instead.

Instead of Bond’s Casino Royale, Popov spent much time in Portugal’s Casino Estoril, where he proved himself to be a phenomenal baccarat player by winning $40,000 on an outrageous bet. No doubt this was inspiration for Bond’s debut in Casino Royale, especially considering Popov met Flemming, author of the Bond novels, in this Casino Estoril.

The MI6 loaned him out to the US FBI to expand British knowledge on the US and to help weed out German spies, which could have inspired Bond’s American friend Felix Leiter. When he went, he delivered proof of the plan to attack Pearl Harbor, however Hoover ignored him, believing him to be wrong. Three guesses how that one turned out.

He did manage to convince the Nazis, however, that D-Day would be led by General George Patton in Dover, which led to the Nazis being vulnerable at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. You know, where D-Day actually happened.

But his escapades weren’t the only inspiration for Bond, he was also a womanizer, famously never having a girlfriend for long, and also having a great many of them. He did however admonish Bond for drinking like he did. According to Dusko Popov, Bond must have been an alcoholic to drink as much as he did


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