Why Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Actually a Good Movie (Pt. II)

Also this is super long and filled bias because I love Devon Bostick..


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Electric Wimpaloo: Zachary Gordon (left) and Devon Bostick are battling brothers in an uninspired installment of the kid-favorite franchise.

Madison Hanson, Writer

In my last article I explained that the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie focuses on the complications of Greg and Rowley’s friendship. Now it’s time to talk about the second installment, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Just based off the title it’s easy to assume that this movie is centered on Greg and Rodrick’s relationship.

The movie starts out with Greg and his family going roller skating, this is where Greg sees Holly, his crush that he already feels like he doesn’t have a chance with. While Greg is skating his way to Holly, Rodrick asks the DJ to speed up the songs and make it a “teens only” skate. After this Greg panics and his dad has to carry him off the skating rink. Obviously this embarrases Greg and he blames Rodrick for all of it.

After this Rodrick decides to keep messing with Greg by placing a candy bar in his seat and embarrassing him and church. These two spats seem the be the lost straw for their mom Susan because she makes them stay home while the parents and Manny take a road trip to the waterpark. During this time Susan makes Greg and Rodrick stay at home to sort out their differences.

Of course the second their parents leave, Rodrick decides to throw an absolute rager and has Greg help him plan it. After decorating for the party and putting out snacks, Rodrick convinces Greg that they need chairs for musical chairs and then locks him in the basement.

Greg does eventually get out of the basement after blackmailing Rodrick when they’re mom calls, when Greg gets out of the basement him and Rodrick actually end up having fun together and start to bond. After successfully hiding the party from their parents, despite the bathroom door having to be replaced. Rodrick and Greg bond by pranking random people with fake puke, and by playing music together.

Although in an awkward and ironic turn of events, they’re parents find out about the party after boasting about how well behaved they are to their friends. During the slideshow of pictures from the party chaos wreaks havoc on the Heffley family and quickly tears them all apart. After finding out that Greg and Rodrick had been hiding this from their parents, they decide to ground Greg and take away Rodrick’s opportunity to play in the talent show. Because of this Rodrick tells that even though they’re brothers they’ll never be friends.

After this Greg sees how Rodrick is devastated from losing his chance at stardom, after seeing Rodrick hurt Greg wants to help him get his band back and perform in the talent show. Somehow Greg successfully convinces his mom to let him perform in the talent show, but only if Greg is Rowley’s assistant during his magic show. As much as Greg doesn’t want to he agrees to give his older brother, the only thing he’s wanted the whole movie.

In the end Greg performs with Rowley and gains respect from Holly, and Rodrick performs with Loded Diper. During Rodrick’s performance, the crowd is bored until their mom Susan joins the stage and starts dancing to cheer them on, Greg and his dad record this and eventually post it on Youtube where it goes viral, which Rodrick can’t stand.

At the end of the day every character gets what they want, Rodrick gets some recognition, Greg gains Holly’s respect, Susan gets to see her oldest sons bonding. For the first time ever Rodrick and Greg don’t entirely hate each other, Rodrick is willing to to help Greg with girl troubles and Greg is willing to help Rodrick live out his dream of being a rock star. This movie in general just teaches kids how to be selfless and the importance of helping others, even if they may hate you at the time. In a sense this movie is the definition of killing someone with kindness and I love it even more for that.