Adrian Sowers, Writer

If you haven’t heard already the Mega Millions jackpot is $970 Million. Unfortunately the winning ticket for the Powerball was sold in Maryland making that jackpot only $20 million for Saturday’s drawing. What happens if you go and get a ticket and you just so happen to win the Mega Millions jackpot? Well, you would be rich obviously!

So what do you do now?. You first have to sign the back of the ticket. Then according to the Illinois Lottery website if you win $1 million or more, which you will if you win the jackpot, call the Illinois Lottery Claims Department immediately. That number to call is (217) 524-5147. Usually there is a press conference held where you are asked questions on what you plan to do with the money and you get your picture taken with the huge check. Winners can either take the winnings in one lump sum which would be $716.3 million. Or the winner can have it in annual payments. The winner would then get an immediate payment and a slightly larger payment every year after that.

Didn’t win the jackpot? That’s okay. You may have won some other way. There are nine possible ways to win smaller earnings from $1 million all the way down to $2. To get the Million dollar prize you have to have all five white numbers. To get the $10,000 prize you have to have 4 white numbers and the Megaplier. For the #500 prize you have to have 4 white numbers. The $200 prize requires you to have 3 white numbers and the Megaplier. There are two $10 prizes. For the first you need 3 white numbers. The second you need 2 white numbers and the megaplier. The $4 prize you need just 1 white number and the Megaplier. For just the $2 prize you need just the Megaplier. I bought a ticket and won my money back so what do you have to lose except for $2?