College Football National Championship


Kasey Filler, Writer

Before going into the college football playoffs, I had predicted, along with many other people, that Clemson and Alabama were going to be playing against each other in the championship game. In the semifinal games Alabama crushed Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl. Everyone expected Clemson to beat Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, but sadly that didn’t happen. Clemson played an all around bad game and Ohio State just took advantage of that.

With Ohio State winning their bowl game and Alabama winning theirs, Ohio State and Alabama were the teams that played in the National Championship this year. The game started out super close with the score at the end of the first quarter tied at 7. Alabama started to take their huge lead in the second quarter. At halftime Ohio State was down 17-35. In the second half of the game Ohio State’s defense came out strong. In the last two quarters Ohio State only allowed Alabama 17 points compared to the 35 they allowed in the first half. Although their defense played well in the second half so did Alabama’s. This prevented Ohio State from being able to take the lead or even just shrink the lead Alabama had over Ohio State. Alabama ended up winning the game 52-24.

Alabama has now won 18 National Championships. Nick Saban (current head coach) has now won 6 Championships as Alabama’s head coach. Mac Jones, Alabama QB, broke the national championship game record for pass completions in the game. Christian Barmore, Alabama’s defensive tackle was awarded most valuable defensive player of the game. Devonta Smith, Alabama wide receiver, was awarded most valuable offensive player of the game. He also was the Heisman trophy winner this year. Early in the championship game Smith broke the SEC record for career receiving yards. That wasn’t the only record he broke in that game though. Click here to read about the other records he broke during the game.

It’s safe to say it was a record setting year for the Crimson Tide!