Orange Twins Animal Rescue


Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Multi platinum, musical artist Ariana Grande has launched an animal rescue called Orange Twins. Grande took to social media to announce the non-profit organization. Orange Twins Rescue is based in Los Angeles and it encourages people to foster, adopt, and donate money and pet supplies. The organization does so by providing animal lovers with a list of resources. Grande seemed overjoyed to announce the shelter saying “We are so happy, proud and excited, our site is coming soon, follow @orangetwinsrescue on instagram for more.” It seems that the pop singer has channeled her love for animals into this rescue. 

Ariana Grande herself is no stranger to adopting and animal care because she is a mom to 10 dogs. Cinnamon, Coco, Fawkes, Lafayette, Myron, Ophelia, Pignoli, Sirius, Strauss, and Toulouse are her 10 dogs and they are all rescues. Grande is often seen out walking with her dogs and they are also seen on her social media.

The website states that the story behind Orange Twins was with the creations of 3 friends who passionately share the same mission in life. The mission “is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need.” The rescue does not discriminate stating that the animals they are planning on rescuing and rehabilitating would include “Senior animals, strays, neglected, abused, or special needs.” Lastly the site states “We value our strong connection to our community, and are constantly working to find new avenues of outreach and education.” and finish with asking you to join them in their mission. To explore and visit the Orange Twins Rescue click here.