My Vision


Christian Lapsey, Writer

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It was November 24th. I was just waking up. I did my usual routine and got up to go to the bathroom. It was at this point that I was fully awake. Then I went to check on my brother and sister who were asleep so I went back into my room to lay down and the second my head hit the pillow it was like I was transported to a different date and place. I was in what looked like an apartment building looking out at a skyline. Then the sky started to become bright in just a circular area and all around this great circle of white light was reddish darkness. While those appeared I could feel that the darkness was from a demonic source trying to rip away the light and that light being the gift that Jesus gave us. This feeling was like none I’ve ever had before. I can still remember the fear and sadness. Then a ribbon of Pure gold was flipping through the air. After I had woke up I began to read Revelations because I knew in my heart that this was a vision granted to me by God. and that’s when I realized that the ribbon represented Jesus Christ coming down from heaven to rescue people like in the Rapture. In the Bible, I read essentially that Jesus will come down from heaven and when he does he will be riding a horse to help gather those who are the true children of the Lord. But the thing about this ribbon it was so visible that it felt as if the whole world could see this coming and on this ribbon the only thing I could make out was the word “Lord.” Then I was transported again and into a crowd of people with a speaker up at the front. There were people of both genders and all races. The man in front of us began to talk and as he talked he kind of paced back in forth. After a while, I noticed a very dark shadow behind him, and once I noticed this everything else around me started to fade to an evil feeling of darkness. And when I woke up I realized that this was after the rapture the Antichrist will go and speak to the unsaved and use some sort of science to explain how this happened. He will then try and convince you that this is not an act of God. Then the shadow would be the devil hiding in the shadow waiting to steal the people from the Lord. Then I was brought to heaven where I saw Jesus standing in front of people hugging them all and sending them into heaven. This is the only place that the darkness did not follow me to and while there all I felt was love and joy. This can represent after the rapture or after the day of the lord when the Lord gathers up people and determines if they can enter His kingdom.

We are coming along troubling years soon there will be an evil man rising to power and slowly taking over the world then the world will hate Christians. Then will come the mark that will get rid of all feelings of the Lord. Many speculate that this mark is the Covid-19 vaccine especially after some who have taken it reported they no longer feel the presence of the Lord or have no way to believe in God. God bless you all and don’t forget He loves you.


The King James Version of the Bible