Remote learning

Most schools are now doing remote learning again as Covid-19 has gotten worse. What does this mean for the kids? Remote learning is a very hard thing to do and most of us have younger sibling that we have to teach as well as ourselves. Many kids that are doing remote are falling behind in school and their grades are dropping. Why is this? I believe that this is because they sit at home not being able to see friends, no motivation to do anything, no sports, they have nothing anymore. These kids fall into a deep depression for not having their normal. We all say now this is our new normal, but what they don´t understand is that is new normal is mentally exhausting to everybody. How can you expect kids to be happy if they are locked at home not being able to go anywhere/ do anything. If you are doing remote learning you are teaching yourself because you aren’t getting direct access to you instructor. We expect kids to sit in front of a screen and actually focus for hours during the day with so many distractions going on around us. We need to start living our lives as normal as we can because if not its only going to get worse.