Let’s Talk: Movie Scores

Let's Talk: Movie Scores

Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

When thinking of what makes a movie great I think there’s one thing that often gets overlooked. Movie scores are something that, when done correctly, can add to a scene without being overpowering but when done poorly can ruin a moment. I think movie scores are one of my favorite things about movies. I think we all know the classic Harry Potter theme but I think we don’t appreciate how that theme can add to a moment in the movie. Scores add emotions that you may not get otherwise, you subconsciously feel certain ways based on the music you may not even be realizing you are hearing. Some of my favorite scores come from Disney and Pixar. They’re always so atmospheric and beautiful and even when listening to them without the movies you can see the sights feel the way characters are feeling. Also yes I’m realizing this is just my love letter to movie scores but I feel as though they are under appreciated and can make you fall in love with a movie all over again. I recommend just sitting back and doing some homework or something with the Ratatouille soundtrack in the background. The music is amazing and you just feel like you’re there cooking alongside them. I just think that everyone should pay more attention to the scores in movies while watching them and see how they may make you feel a certain way.