The Christmas Tree Season!


Liz Wilbur, Writer

Since this year has presented difficulty for many people, and that the world has been waiting for the year 2020 to be over, many are greeting this holiday season with excitement. We can see this excitement with many people decorating early for Christmas. People want to go out with a bang, since Christmas is one of the last holidays of the year. And what doesn’t scream Christmas more than a live, perfectly decorated  Christmas tree? This is the case for many Americans this year, who have relied on artificial trees to get them through this historically busy season.  But with people home due to the pandemic, there has been more attention paid to our living spaces and making them special for the Holidays.  We see that some local Christmas Tree farms have already been sold out. In Delmar, Iowa, Bill Hainstock has never opened his Christmas tree farm this early, until 2020, of course. He ran out of his 10 footers very fast and now he is only down to 5-6 footers. He has already sold 80 trees on his first weekend in December, it may be the last weekend of the year already. Bill also said that the most famous tree is the Canaan fir trees. Some advice he gave was to shake the tree to get off any excess needles, and to place it in warm water to make it last longer. Our local Christmas tree farm is in Coal Valley and is run by Bob and Lisa Sieghartner and are ready to sell you a freshcut Christmas Tree by appointment. I found them on facebook, ¨Orion Family¨ made a post about them. But, you can also find them at Home Depot and other local stores. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Happy holidays!