Have You Heard of the Game Among Us?


If you have not yet heard of the game Among US, I would guess that you have been living under a rock. Although, the now mainstream game that everyone seems to be playing has been around long before it gained popularity. An indie game company created Among Us back in 2018 and it had little fanfare. The game stayed under the radar until the summer of the pandemic. In July, Chance Morris also known as Sodapoppin online started to stream the game, created by InnerSloth, on his platform with 2.8 million followers. The game got a lot of attention by mid September with multiple Youtubers, Influencers, and Streamers who gave the game exposure and popularized it on their platforms. Among Us was not limited to online gaming only because people implemented their own twist on the game and would play it in real life for fun, to get chores done, and it inspired Among Us themed makeup looks or revolved around makeup related videos.

Among Us is a multiplayer game which consists of 4-10 players that are dropped into an alien spaceship. Each player is assigned a private role as either a “crewmate” or an “imposter.” Crewmates run around the ship completing tasks, while trying to figure out and avoiding getting killed by the imposter(s). The imposter(s) go around the ship faking tasks, eliminating crewmates, and sabotaging the ship all while trying to do it discreetly in order to not get caught. Players can be voted off the spaceship, so each game boils down to survival. The overall objective is simple: successfully vote off the imposter(s) or complete all your tasks to win. Through the pandemic the game serves as a default social platform for people across the country stuck in quarantine or wanting to interact with people via social distancing.

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