Must See Holiday Light Shows


Ella Oliva, Writer

Since we have officially entered December, it is now fully acceptable to become your most festive self. I highly recommend buying matching pajamas with your friends and making hot cocoa balls from Tik Tok while listening to your favorite Christmas jams. However, you cannot forget one of the best festive activities, looking at Christmas lights!

I have gathered a few spots for you to check out with your friends, family, or significant other. First is the Quad City Botanical Center, their outdoor garden is covered in stunning lights that are being shown until January 1st. Although you must purchase your tickets ahead of time to pick your time slot. Another reason why you should visit here is because they have multiple themed nights throughout the month, including date night, painting night, and soup to go night which is from a local cafe. Secondly, you should make a stop at Vander Veer Park in Davenport. This is a great area bundle up and walk around, as well as an opportunity for some great photos. Another plus is that there is no admission fee like most places. Lastly is the Fejervary Holiday Light show in Davenport. These shows last about 15 minutes and a new one starts every 30 minutes, this light display will continue through January 3rd. You can also sync your radio with the holiday lights music broadcast. I hope these events can add a little light into this month especially with finals ahead!

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