Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Many thanksgiving traditions consist of family, friends, food, and football. Thanksgiving is a holiday without an established gift giving component, so we can focus on being grateful for the things we do have. This year Thanksgiving will be different due to covid, but we can still find ways to enjoy the holiday. You can celebrate by having a celebration with the people you live with, virtually talk to family members, reflect on things that you are thankful for, and cook delicious food for yourself or others.

If you can, cooking and baking are great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Although deciding what to make can be tricky depending on your taste, skill level, and time availability. Thanksgiving offers hundreds of recipes to choose from, and you can choose to make a main course, side dish, or dessert and if you’re feeling up to it all three. Thanksgiving has many staple recipes, like Turkey, Potatoes, Gravy, and Pumpkin Pie. If you are not interested in the staple recipes or they don’t coordinate with your dietary preferences then don’t be afraid to make something non traditional or check out recipes with dietary substitutions. 

Even though Thanksgiving is going to be different this year, get creative and try to celebrate it the best way you can, and this year more than ever try and focus on what you are thankful for. Make sure to check out the CDC’s thanksgiving protocols here.