Flying Cars: Science Fiction or Reality?


Eli Kayser, Editor

Previously thought of as a wild fantasy, the idea that flying cars could be taking over our airways might not be so crazy. A German aviation company, Lilium, has unveiled plans to build a hub for flying cars in Orlando, Florida. The idea is for these vehicles to be able to bypass the busy traffic in urban areas and to make for much easier travel for everyone. Also, think about how much less time it would take to get places. You would be able to fly in a straight line, so it would take significantly less time to travel.

Lilium isn’t the only company that is trying to make flight accessible to all. The German company Volocopter is developing an autonomous air taxi that works in large urban areas. They already have a working model, but it doesn’t yet have self-flying technology. Also, companies such as Gravity Industries and SkyDrive are trying to expand on the possibilities of air travel.In addition to their usefulness with increasing traffic numbers, flying cars are also shown to emit significantly less carbon than normal cars. Many of the cars in production are also electric, so they are very good for the environment.

We may not see these cars for a while still. While we could see flying cars for some people, mainly the wealthy, as early as 2022, predictions have it that they won’t be that common until at least 2045. While this might be a while to wait, it will definately be worth it in the end.