Why Euphoria is a Good Show


Madison Hanson, Writer

In mid 2019, Euphoria aired its’ first episode on HBO, with it having Zendaya as the star it gained popularity fast. Of course I showed up kind of late to the party, having watched it for the first time this past month. If you’ve never seen Euphoria then maybe don’t read this if you actually want to watch it. Zendaya plays Rue, a struggling drug addict who’s recovering from a recent overdose. Often times shows like this get knocked for glorifying addiction and rave culture, but with Rue’s narration and honesty about her situation, it never really feels as though it glorifying much.

With Rue’s addiction not being excused but almost understandable after you realize the weight put on her because of her dad’s death, she becomes a likeable character. Euphoria is also one of the most well known shows to have an actual trans actress playing their trans character Jules. Overall, this show is diverse in cast and topics, ranging from highs and lows of partying, abusive relationships, and all the way to the hard discussion of teen pregnancy and abortion. No matter what, Euphoria is often about facing your demons and finding a way to cope with yourself. In the end it brings forward the idea of change for the best.

Euphoria portrays how hurtful addiction can be through the eyes of Rue’s mother, her sister, and drug dealer Fezco. Showing the struggle they go through in order to try to push Rue through her addiction. In general, Euphoria is a good show and deserves as much recognition as possible.