What are the Plans for Black Friday?

What are the Plans for Black Friday?

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Holiday Shopping is going to be a little bit different this year due to the coronavirus. This year Black Friday is going to be done mostly online and it is going to start early this year. Instead of one designated day to the sales many stores have spread the sales out through November and the sales are mostly online. Black Friday usually brings humongous crowds to stores and the holiday rakes in millions of dollars worth of profit each year. The people within the large crowds are typically seen packed together while they are trying to maneuver through the store and check out. Some people will even camp outside stores the night before in order to increase their chances of getting their desired product or products. The reason the stores have chosen to spread out their sales through November and have their sales mostly online is in order to follow the coronavirus safety precautions and enforce social distancing rules. This year Black Friday is going to be very similar to Cyber Monday and I think it should be easy for most of us to adjust to the change.

Amazon, Apple, Bestbuy, Target, and Walmart are amongst the most popular Black Friday stores to shop at and this year they all have online deals that have been released online and in their ads. In order to check out stores Black Friday ads you can get the newspaper or look online by searching the name of the store and Black Friday ad 2020. If you are planning on doing any in person shopping make sure to do it safely and respectfully by following the rules of each store.

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