So the Election Happened…Now What?


Eli Kayser, Editor

Craziest election in the history of the United States? Probably.

All out US Civil War Part II? Probably Not.

Well, the election is finally over, which means no more political ads! I am going to go through and answer some frequently asked questions that you may have post-election.

When does the presidential term begin?

The presidential term does not begin directly after the election. Instead, it begins in mid-January. This means that the president still carries out their presidential duties no matter the outcome. There isn’t just a two month gap with no president.

Will we break out into a left v right civil war?

While tensions between the left and right are higher than ever before, we will most likely not see a civil war in the near future. While both sides hate each other, there isn’t enough to come to that.

When will we find out results?

This could take some time, especially this year with all of the mail-in ballots. Every vote must be counted, and in the end this could take a week or more. Then, after all of the votes are accounted for, the Electoral College finally votes on who will become president.

Can the results of the election be challenged?

While the results can be challenged, there isn’t a high likelihood of the outcome being reversed. It’s just a lot of legal issues and probably won’t amount to much, even if it goes to the Supreme Court. There would have to be substantial evidence of foul play for an election to be reversed.

I hope this was helpful in better understanding everything post-election.