The Shooting at Chuck E. Cheese


Liz Wilbur, Writer

When I was a kid I always wanted my birthday to be at Chuck E Cheese, where I could have that special party where I could invite all my family and friends. In what should have been a nostalgic childhood dream turned into a nightmare, when a shooting took place Sunday evening. There were two mothers, the first mother was 29 year old Eloise Chairs, who had 5 children including a 4 week old baby girl. The second mother was 24 year old Treshonda Pollion. Chairs got into an argument with Pollion after her son’s game card went missing. The argument escalated, ending when Pollion took out a gun, and shot Chairs, striking her in the shoulder. The bullet hit a major artery and she bled out and died within minutes. The shooting was captured on camera. Pollion fled the scene and was later arrested and was held in Rock Island County Jail, then booked into Scott County Jail. She is getting charged with first degree murder, with a maximum sentence of life without parole if she is convicted. Her hearing is on November 6th. The Chuck E Cheese location in Davenport, IA was closed after the incident until further notice.