How to Avoid Restless Nights


Ella Oliva, Writer

With finals just around the corner it’s important to start getting into a routine. You may not need to begin studying, however; you do need to get your body into a healthy sleep routine. As someone who also struggles to fall asleep these tips have helped me and hopefully they can help you too. My first tip is to lower the temperature in your room, or taking a hot shower before you head to bed. Taking a hot shower an hour before bed will help your body cool down faster, which is scientifically proven to increase your sleep experience.

Next, expose yourself to more daylight than usual during the afternoon in order to fall asleep faster. Your body stays alert when exposed to natural or artificial light, which is why it can be harder to fall asleep when you are on your phone as you are falling asleep, or if you have artificial lights in your room. Research shows that exposing yourself to darkness for at least 30 mins before wanting to fall asleep increases melatonin in your body, an essential hormone for sleep.

Lastly, what you eat will impact your sleep experience. It is shown that high-carb and low-fat diets are bad for your sleep experience, however; a low-carb and high-fat diet will promote a more restful sleep. Although, if you are eating a high-carb meal, especially dinner, it is recommended to eat this meal at least 4 hours before wanting to sleep. There are many more tips on the website listed below but those are 3 of my favorites.


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