Let’s Talk: The Cat in the Hat

Let's Talk: The Cat in the Hat

Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

You know those movies you couldn’t get enough of as a kid? This movie was that for me. My family refuses to watch it with me to this day because I still know every word by heart, I show this movie to all of my friends as a kind of initiation. Whenever I talk about this movie I’m met with a “That’s the worst movie ever” and honestly you’re right; it is the worst. Its an hour and a half long fever dream with a 6 foot tall talking cat, the appeal was never in that it has beautiful videography or wonderful dialogue. The appeal lies in the sense of nostalgia and the fun that you can have while watching it. If you and your friends are any kind of funny you can have a blast while watching this. It’s not something to silently watch; you should be laughing and making fun of everything as you go along. So yes, this movie is awful and sometimes a bit of a visual overload, but it’s so fun to watch. The best word I can use to describe it is fun, which, yes, is what the movie is about with morals walking the line between too much and too little fun. Though it is easy to forget when you’re knee deep in jokes for “adults” and a large walking cat. I just think this movie is stupid and honestly hilarious and that everyone should watch this gem again.