Together Forever Pt.2

Together Forever Pt.2

Abby Schuler , Writer

 About a week had passed from when I “went rouge,” as she calls it. I finally got out of the “quiet room.” That being said, I still wasn’t allowed to go to bed without my door being locked. I went into the kitchen for breakfast. She cooked pancakes with hash browns and sausage. I ate about half of my plate and then put the rest in a ziploc baggie in case she gets mad and punishes me by not making dinner. Normally it’s just cereal with water , so today must mean we are adding to the family.  

I can’t  believe that one little mistake got me here, how , why would I think it was a good idea to sneak out to walk around the neighborhood. I don’t understand how I could’ve been so stupid, well here I am and I have to make the best of the situation. I finished up the entry in my journal and did my chores for the day. They consisted of cleaning the spare room, putting fresh sheets and new bedding down, unboxing the new toys and setting them on the bed, writing out the set of rules for the new person coming , and last but not least going to re-stack all the hay as a punishment for me running away.

That night didn’t seem so bad. She was pretty excited about our new member to join tomorrow morning, I was too little besides that fact that she’s being ripped from her family but hopefully older so she can be of use and help me get us both out of here.

 I went to bed and once morning came I woke up bright and early and asked to go with to get our sister because I was “so eager to meet her” truly for the for the sole purpose to see places to name our when I get my hands on a phone or even when I leave I can know where to go. I asked her and she agreed for all the extra effort I’ve put in to make her room so nice. I took my journal and pretended to write about how happy I was except I was writing directions she took to get to town. We got to a park where there were tons of kids playing from all different ages. Maybe I could get out of the car and make a break for it? Was the back seat child locked? Did she play the wrong card in letting me come?