Don’t Work at Hy-Vee: A Warning

Don't Work at Hy-Vee: A Warning

Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

Before I start, please don’t tell my managers I wrote this article, I don’t think they would be very happy. Also if you work at my Hy-Vee please don’t snitch bro. When underclassmen reading this want to find a job maybe just skip Hy-Vee. I can’t speak for all Hy-Vees when I say they suck but, my personal experience has been an interesting one. Hy-Vee ,like any other grocery store, is filled with moms who buy 500 dollars worth of groceries every week and old men who throw money at you. The store is also essentially run by 18-25 year olds who have no formal training, this may make for some fun days and someone to complain to but, if there is any real problem they aren’t always equipped to handle it. (This is not their fault I would blame higher management)

I know any job you get as a teenager isn’t supposed to be good but I’ve heard many work experiences that are better than my own. In my experience its a weekly occurrence that I work until 10 pm Thursday- Sunday and that I can get over 30 hours in 3-4 days. Trying to handle school on top of that is hard and asking for less hours is always an option but whether they follow the rules you set is another thing. To end this all, Im very grateful I do have a job and that I have a way to make my own money but, to anyone looking for a job maybe put Hy-Vee at the end of your list.