Let’s Talk: Adam Sandler


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

Adam Sandler is a household name but…why? I think it’s almost universally agreed that he plays essentially the same character in every movie he makes. The ones that seem to be the best get recognition but you don’t hear people talk about Uncut Gems like they do Big Daddy or Happy Gilmore. I think a movie like Uncut Gems may not be considered the greatest among his movies (though in terms of acting and production it’s definitely the best)is because there’s a certain mindset when going into an Adam Sandler movie, you go in expecting him to play a dumb but loving guy (usually with an accent of some kind which is so strange) who falls in love with a girl way out of his league and she always also falls in love with him. I’m a person who usually calls out when movies are problematic and even I love his movies. Jack and Jill though strange and problematic made me laugh so hard and was a fun time. Sandler has a hold on the American people where no matter what he puts out everyone only goes in expecting a little bit of fun and that’s exactly what they get. You don’t go in expecting something to think about and I think that’s why he’s a household name. We all want to turn off our brains and laugh sometimes and there’s always going to be an Adam Sandler movie to do that.