Cincinnati Dad’s Candy Chute Idea for a Safer Halloween

Cincinnati Dad's Candy Chute Idea for a Safer Halloween

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

Andrew Beattie the creator of the Covid friendly Halloween chute has always loved Halloween. Since he was a kid he has loved all holidays, but Halloween is special to the horror movie lover who often dresses up as Michael Myers or other iconic boogeymen to pass out candy.

In Beatties Cincinnati home there is a spare room full of Halloween props, masks, and decorations, and he and his family avidly wait for the time of year to empty it. In an interview Beattie said “Those holidays you can go all out for, I love doing so whenever possible.” The candy chute is a simple set up with a long tube running the length of his railing from the top of the porch’s stairs to the bottom. Beattie even put a sign at the bottom of the tube to show trick-or-treaters where to hold their bags.

Beattie is a proud member of several Halloween centered Facebook groups and he posted a picture of his invention to Facebook. The post gained a lot of publicity ranking up around 85,000 shares in 2 weeks. Beattie thinks that a big part of the reaction was due to people for the most part having good intentions and wanting a safer Halloween. Within the 10,000 comments there was a lot of praising Beatties idea and promises to implement the same idea outside their homes as well. Although, Beattie also received comments criticizing him and anyone else hoping for a semi-normal Halloween during a pandemic because of the risk factors.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released their guidelines for celebrating Halloween safely, but have advised against traditional trick-or-treating this year. Instead they have suggested lower risk activities like Halloween themed scavenger hunts or placing pre filled treat bags at the end of your driveway for kids to pick up. Click here to view the CDC’s guidelines in full. If you are looking to participate in Halloween this year please do so safely.