Halloween Cancelled?

Halloween Cancelled?

Sarah DeLille, Writer

This year a lot of things have changed due to COVID-19, but will trick or treating be one of these things. Trick or treating is a beloved tradition that is fun for families to enjoy, but will it happen this year. If you think about it, trick or treating is not the most COVID-19 friendly thing to be doing. So, will trick or treating still happen in the Quad Cities. 

The answer is mainly yes.There are some towns that do not plan to hold trick or treating, but most still are (Click Here to see list). The towns that still plan on trick or treating have to follow some new guidelines. People will not be able to hand out the candy, but will instead be letting the kids grab it themselves. Some towns like Rock Island don’t plan on holding trick or treating at all. Instead they will hold a drive through ‘fright night’, but this will not be held on actual Halloween, it will take place on October 22nd. So families could always drive to another town to make their kids happy on Halloween. 

What about teenagers, what can they do on Halloween? Well, most haunted houses in the Quad Cities are still open, so you could go haunted housing with your friends. Also Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so you can stay up later without worrying about school the next day. Many teens have also been going to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to get in the Halloween spirit. Another fun thing you could do is have a bonfire, so you and all your friends can stay home and social distance. 

This year Halloween might seem a little different, but it will still be great. There are still many things you can do the same as last year. Halloween is a lot of people’s favorite holiday and it can still be celebrated even during a pandemic, which is very lucky. So, have fun, be safe, and don’t get COVID-19.