Don’t Throw Away Your Shot


Liz Wilbur, Writer

Are you an “ordinary citizen” waiting in the wings? The cast of Hamilton wanted to find a way to encourage citizens of the United States of America to vote during this upcoming national election. So what did they do?  They made a music video of course! Hamilton is an award winning, Broadway Musical. The story is about a mostly forgotten American Founding Father; Alexander Hamilton, and his ascent out of poverty into power during the American War of Independence. Hamilton has recently received even more acclaim after being released on Disney Plus this year, exposing more people to the addictive play. Hamilton has a lot of renowned songs including “Alexander Hamilton”, “My Shot”, “Wait for It”, and many other good songs. 

Historically, ¼ eligible people do not vote in the national election. Think about it, if every person voted, many elections would have turned out differently. The Hamilton music video touches on many different arguments encouraging the “ordinary citizen” to vote. Including, that we can decide what the future holds, and also shows the many ways we can vote. Including: mail, online, or in person. 

I know that a lot of us can’t vote right now because we aren’t 18, but I’m sure you have a friend, classmate, co-worker, or even family member that you can encourage to vote. The last day to pre-register in Illinois is Sunday, Oct. 18th, but in the state of Illinois you can register and vote at the same time, in person up to the day of the election. So what are you waiting for? Don’t throw away your shot!

Here is the video from the cast of Hamilton:)