Together Forever

Abby Schuler , Writer


Running as fast as I could I tried to get away from her, I tripped and scraped my elbow, knee, and got a cut on my forehead. I turned around and saw that I was still a little ahead of her. I hurried out of the woods not knowing where I was, rushing to the first highway I saw to stop someone and get help. I saw a car. I was so excited I went to run in front of it before I felt something pull my shirt back and grab me. I couldn’t do it, she caught me. It was over. I am in so much worse than when I first tried escaping.  On our walk back I paid attention to every little detail leaving specific marks for me to remember because this is not the last time I will try to run. 

 She talked the whole way back about how I was just about to gain privileges and be worthy enough to be called her son. I quickly turned, grabbed her arm and said I AM NOT YOUR SON. MY NAME IS JACOB ROBERTSON I will get back to my family no matter where you take me. Oh precious little Dylan, how disobedient like your other siblings, you will follow the rules or you shall face consequences, when we get home you shall go to the quiet room and think about what you have done. We will be together forever, you’re my sweet baby boy and soon your sister will be coming home too , to make this family complete.

 I got back to the cabin and went into the soundproof room where I will spend a few days or more depending on if I chose to follow her or not. I was given a journal a couple of months ago for a present. I started writing about who I was, my real family, my old address and so much more so I couldn’t let her brainwash me and I could know my true family who actually cared and loved me. I can still remember the smell of the perfume my mother wears when she goes to dinner with my father, I just need a game plan to get out of here.