New Study Helps Decrease Homelessness

New Study Helps Decrease Homelessness

Ella Oliva, Writer

Growing up I was always taught to offer homeless people food or clothing items to keep warm, basically anything other than money. However, there has been a new study done in Canada that says despite what you may have been told, giving the homeless money could be one of the best things you could do.

Although this isn’t the case for everyone if was very impactful to everyone involved in this study. This program took 115 people from all ages who recently became homeless within the last 6 months and tested them for low mental health challenges and substance abuse. Afterwards each participant received 5,700 dollars. Then they followed these people’s lives over the next 12-18 months to see what they would do with the money. The results showed that many people found stable housing within 12 months and there was a 39 percent decrease on expenses such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

According to the CEO and co-founder of this organization, most participants knew exactly what they wanted to do with they money, most invested in new housing, transportation, or opening their own small businesses. A point to note is that giving people thousands of dollars won’t magically fix the issue of homelessness in our country, however it can be impactful if used wisely.

A lot of people have lost their homes due to being unemployed this past year or can no longer make their monthly payments. In situations like these they are only needing a little bit to get back up on their feet. Although not to forget about others who may need a little more help to get to that level. However, this study was mainly focused on people who just recently became homeless and may still have had a job or some way to transport themselves. These researchers believe if you can quickly help these people who just recently became homeless that they are more likely to find stable housing or income and this will decrease the amount of homelessness in our country.

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