A Different Kind of Country Living


Jamie Hoxsey, Writer

I honestly don’t think I would have a single story idea if it wasn’t for my TikTok for you page. This week I’ve decided to talk about country living, but not like corn and tractors. I mean soup, bread, and frogs kinda living. For those who have never heard of it I’ll be talking about Cottage Core which is an aesthetic based around exactly what you would think, cottages. The people who submerge themselves in this aesthetic usually dress a little like this: (pictured right)

And all I really think of when I think of Cottage Core is bread. If anyone remembers when it was a thing on TikTok to make bread, it was started by them. I’m going to be honest, this article doesn’t have much of a point other to show this aesthetic and share my love for how calming it is. I feel like the people who live in cottages in the middle of nowhere are probably the most happy people. They essentially just get food from their garden and vibe and I respect that.