When Life Gets Squeezed


Liz Wilbur, Writer

What child hasn’t imagined having a lemonade stand and making money to buy the toy you have always wanted. Well, this is what my 12 year old cousin, Bryson, and a couple of his neighborhood friends did. He set out a lemonade stand in front of his house in Tulsa Oklahoma on a Saturday morning. Everything was going well when two teenage boys came riding up to the stand on their bikes and purchased a cup of lemonade.  After they drank the lemonade they reached over the table and stole their money. Bryson, not wanting them to steal his money, came out from behind the table and stood in front of their bikes asking them to give back his money. In response, one of the boys punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground and giving him a black eye, in addition to him needing three stitches.  The teenage boys then rode off.  Press here to view Bryson’s injuries

The authorities were contacted and the boys were later arrested and the choice was made to press charges.  After, this all happened Bryson and his friends said that they would never want to do a lemonade stand ever again. Bryson’s parents, Aaron and Alicia Wilbur, didn’t want their kid’s childhood memory of a lemonade stand to be negative. So, they decided to do another stand, but this one was to “Redeem the Lemonade Stand”. The Mom posted the story on Facebook and it got spread all over the city. In response to the story, the local Chick-fil-a Restaurant donated their lemonade to the cause. The local police department also gave their support by stopping by and buying lemonade. At the end of the day, the kids made over $700 dollars.  And Bryson and the whole family learned about redemption, justice and forgiveness.

Press here to see the final lemonade stand