The Veep Debate


Eli Kayser, Editor

I know that most of you probably had no idea, but on Wednesday night the running-mates of the presidential hopefuls had a debate. Normally this is a very unimportant thing, and there isn’t really a lot of stakes involved. This year, that seems to be different. Biden is seventy-eight. Trump is seventy-four and has COVID. There is a chance that whoever is vice president will have to take over as president, or at least do a lot more work due to the president being unable. This is why, for once, we had an important vice-presidential debate.

I’ll just say to start that this was much…less embarrassing for the American people than the presidential debate. Kamala Harris and  Mike Pence had at least a little respect for the other person. The opening topic was, unsurprisingly, Coronavirus. Harris called out the the Trump campaign on not handling the virus well initially, while Pence called out the Biden coronavirus plan, saying that it was just a copy of Trump’s plan. Another topic that was debated on was that of climate change, but there weren’t really any good points brought up by either side regarding it.

But, all in all, I think that both vice-presidential hopefuls did a good job of making up for the poor performance from last week. They both were able to prove that there is still competence on both sides of the spectrum. These are two individuals that you will want to look out for in the future, because there is a chance that both will be running for president in the future.

For more information regarding this topic and other political topics, I suggest going to the BBC. It is very middle-of-the-road, and provides a look at this from an outside perspective, seeing as it is a British source.