World of Wonders: Manhattan

World of Wonders: Manhattan

Abby Schuler , Writer

This is it, the time has come. I am to go get in a cab and travel to the one place in the world I thought I’d never get to. I got into the cab and gave her the address, once I arrived I went into the building where a gentleman greeted me by holding the door and directed me to the correct penthouse. I went there and knocked on the door waiting for what felt like a lifetime was only a few moments for someone to open the door. “AIDEN?? What the heck are you doing answering my aunt’s door?”

“Well, you see, Jessie, my best friend, lives here and his mom is your aun.”

“I am not sure how I didn’t piece things together because you look just like her.” I told him to let me in and tell me where my aunt is at.

“Jessica , oh how wonderful it is to meet you. I am your aunt Gracie and I can’t believe how much you look like your mother and me because we are twins. “

“I see you’ve already met Aiden but have you met Jacob? JACOB GET OVER HERE TO MEET JESSICA.”

“I actually go by Jessie, Aunt Gracie.”

She looked at me and said “Not in this house, you will be called by your given name.” I just kind of brushed it off because it had been a long flight. I met Jacob and him and Aiden showed me my room to put my things away. I did so and then went to talk to Gracie about my parents and when can I meet them. She told me that my dad was in the military but had died on a secret mission and my mother lives across town and the Manhattan penthouse. I went to my room and got on my computer to get her penthouse number and the address. I went to hang out with the boys for a little bit as Aiden had seemed a little more interested in me than Jacob so I said I was tired and rushed off to bed.

The next morning I got ready and told Gracie I was going to get some coffee and headed over to her building, once I got there I rushed to her door and knocked. This gorgeous, loving, kind person answered and asked who I was. I stepped inside and explained and she rushed to her phone calling Gracie asking why she had let me come to New York or even allowed me to meet her. I started to talk but was interrupted by her husband and her two children running in the house screaming “MOMMY! MOMMY! Look what we found.” I quickly realized that it wasn’t her who wanted to meet me. She didn’t even want me to exist, she created a new life and didn’t even want her first born to be a part of it. I ran out crying, realizing I wasn’t wanted. On my walk back to quickly pack and hurry home my mom called acting frantic I told her I was okay, where I was at and that I am on my way home. She told me to hurry because my father was in an accident and is in critical condition.