The City of Dreams is on Fire


Ella Oliva, Writer

With this rainy and chilly weather hitting us makes us all miss those warm summer days a little more; however, California would only dream to be receiving this weather right now. Little to my knowledge and many others California has had one of the most detrimental years involving wildfires. As of right now they have had over 4 million acres of land destroyed by these fires, doubling last years numbers, and the year isn’t even over.

According to the states fire agency there are 23 major fires and just this past Saturday they discovered 27 new wildfires. Over 16,000 firefighters are currently trying to contain these fires as they continue to grow. Luckily the SCU and  LNU  lightning Complex Fires have officially been 100% contained. These two fires were the third and fourth worst wildfires to ever happen in California. These wildfires burned up to 6 weeks and the amount of damage caused is compared to the size of Rhode Island.

This is a tragedy for many families who have lost loved ones or their homes to these wildfires. It is recorded that 31 lives have been lost and more than 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes this year. With 2020 being a very unpredictable year make sure you are checking up on loved ones and being aware of what is happening around the world.


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