Girl’s Golf Season

Girl's Golf Season

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

As you know, all fall sports have been cancelled but two: golf and cross country. Let’s talk about the girl’s golf team.  The golf season started off pretty well so far. This season started with 6 new people and about half of them had hardly played before. However, this didn’t stop them from doing well. These new players have done very well, especially for not playing golf very much. This year the golf team has hit quite a big goal, one the team has been trying to accomplish since 2018, which was to win a meet, and this year they did. Better yet, they didn’t win just one meet, but they have won two meets so far this season. The team has come quite close to winning a few other times as well. This year is the best the team has done since at least 2018. In 2018, the team started with a new coach and she has been coaching and building the team up ever since. The girls this year have improved with every meet they have played so far. As the season comes to an end, with about three meets and regionals left, the girls golf team has had a pretty good and successful season. Now, the next thing to ask is this: Where will the end of the season take the team? I don’t quite know, but stay tuned to find out!