World of Wonder Pt.2

World of Wonder Pt.2

Abby Schuler, Writer

*The next morning Jessie got an email that she found a partial match for one of the kits.*

Oh my goober nuggets! I wonder if it’s my mom. What if it’s both of them but they are together so they only did one test, I could see them, stay with them, get to know them, have them over for holidays. What if they wanted me back? I could be a part of a complete family and not feel out of place? I have to go. I finished the email after my little scream session and read that the match was in New York and if I wanted to meet the match I could contact them through a number they have set up for us.

I texted that number right away saying my name and I would love to come meet them. They responded giving my exact dates of when I could come visit. I quickly went and booked the dates and asked if I could stay with them while I was there so it would be easier, they said of course. I continued to get ready for school but when I went downstairs my father still wasn’t talking to me and my mom had already left for work. I asked if I could take one of the other cars to school or have my keys back? He looked at me and said “Better start walking.”

“Really dad you can’t just let me drive? I’m going to be late and get a detention”.

After a longer than normal conversation I just went and took one of the keys and left. I couldn’t be late and risk getting my “family vacation” being revoked from the school. I got to school and went to class, luckily my best friend Maribella was there so I could explain everything to her. Maribella called me crazy but she supports me and I am supposed to text her the minute I land. I went home and quickly got everything packed before my father came to scream and punish me. I had Mari take me to the airport so they couldn’t track the car.