The Possibility of a Coming Threat


Christian Lapsey, Writer

Many Pastors and even people are fearing and seeing signs of the second coming of Christ and the coming threat.

What is the second coming, the Rapture and the Antichrist

The Rapture is the saving of God’s people who have accepted his gift. To receive this gift you have to pronounce Jesus as your Lord and Savior, be baptized by the Holy Spirit, repent and try to stop sinning, and share the gospel.

The Antichrist is the physical embodiment of the Devil. He will force people to turn from God and take the mark, which will stop the people from entering the gates of Heaven while prosecuting Christians and building the 3rd temple brainwashing people as they think he is the Messiah.

The Second Coming is the defeating of the evil one. This will not happen for 7 years after the rapture. This in-between time is called the 7-year tribulation and will bring war conquest, famine, and great death then the Day of the Lord will occur and the only way to survive is by joining Jesus and becoming part of his army. Then there will be great plagues and famines that will ravage the world but God will not completely leave his children defenseless many Christians will be granted the powers of the old prophets and die and be reborn for the people to bring more people to God. Then the 7 bowls will spill the first 5 bringing hardships like plagues diseases and wars than the 6th will be the Antichrist and the Devil gathering the nations to battle the Christians in a final battle at Armageddon and the 7th will be the Day of the Lord as Jesus Defeats the evil of this world not with a sword but as his word. After this happens and the evil is gone Jesus will build a new world for all of his people who chose him as their savior in the new garden of Eden.

The theologists and many pastors believe in our lives we will experience this second coming of Christ. Some even believe that it will happen in the next 10 years. All of this has been foretold in many passages and verses in the Bible. The one we will mostly focus on is Hosea’s story he first starts by telling the Jews that if you don’t turn to God you will be forsaken. But they refuse because the Jews want to become a country similar to Egypt. Hosea continues by saying that when God sacrifices for you and takes your sin and you still forsake Him you will be punished. They were punished for 2 days but during that second day you will be forgiven and once the 3rd day comes you will join God in Heaven as told in Hosea 6 1-2 “after two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up so that we may live in his presence.” The thing is commonly translated as a thousand years in prophecy. Jesus who services his life for us if killed by the Jews in about 30A.D starting the 3-day cycle. These pastors and theologists then point out that 2030 is the start of the third day. Hosea then spot on tells us that the Israeli people will be forsaken, lose their nation, and then be scattered across the nations. Time after time the Jews were captured enslaved and killed. The priests even point out that even Jesus pointed out and professed that the Jewish people would be taken over again and again and many put to death. During World War II the Jewish people were beginning to be forgiven and saved and regained Israel in 1948. But that’s not the only sign of the number 1948, 1948 years after God created Adam Abraham the father of the Jews. Once they regained Israel again, the privacy of the Jews regaining Israel was fulfilled as said in Hosea. They then point out that also in Hosea he says that during the third day God’s people will rise to Heaven and Rule under God for 1000 years. Similarly, said in Revelations where it says the Lamb of God, Jesus, will rule for 1000 years after the day of the Lord.

The other points they use that have been brought to mind are the signs. During the final meal Jesus is asked when he will come back he replied with “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Then they ask what signs will be shown before your return. He answered with a series of things that are extended in Revelation; these signs and when they’re shown are below.

  • Wars or rumors of wars: at the start of the year there was the rumored war with Iraq and then we have been in countless wars almost back to back wars since World War I
  • The land plagued with locusts: Africa’s great plagues of locusts as they devoured their crops 
  • The great fires: At the start of the year Australia had a great fire and almost the whole country was on fire and recently California was put ablaze 
  • Plagues and great famines: were in the middle of one of the biggest pandemics anyone was ever been through
  • The word of God reaching every nation: through the use of social media and the world’s technology this has already been fulfilled
  • Great earthquakes: in Japan at the start of the year they had a record-breaking earthquake that killed thousands of people
  • Peace in Israel: Recently Trump has signed a peace treaty for Israel and since then 2 more countries have as well
  • The antichrist: he has not fully announced himself to the world but many believe he is already in the world and slowly taking over
  • The Mark: This is already here but hasn’t fully taken over and isn’t required by the government many believe it will either be in the vaccine or a chip put into our bodies 
  • The Forgiving of the jews: as talked about above this happened in 1948
  • Christians turning to fulfill the world not the father: the spread of false testimony and false prophecy as the number of fake teachings increase


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